Harrisburg School District's Automated Calling System


I did not get a call from the School. Why?

Phone numbers called are based on the information provided to the school provided on the school enrollment form filled out at the beginning of each school year. Based on this form, each student has a Guardian designated as "Guardian 1".  Each Guardian 1 has been given an Alert number based on the primary contact phone number that was provided to the building level secretary . Please check with the building in which your child attends school to verify that they have the correct information in the student management system and the number that is listed as the "Alert" number is the correct number. Under most circumstances, calls made by the School or District, the Alert number will be the only number called.  Parents and Guardians should think about what number should be called based on what best serves them on an individual basis, keeping in mind that not all calls go out in the evening hours. Additionally, the system will send out a SMS (Text) message to any parent who has provided a cell phone number to the building secretary.

Additional Considerations:

Parents and Guardians may want to have the system call a number that can be reached both day and night. The school district try's to make a decision on school closures as earlier as possible.  However, there have been occasions in which the school day has began and due to deteriorating weather conditions, students have been sent home after arriving at school for the day. If the primary Alert number is a home phone number and the parents or guardians are at work during the day, the call may be missed.

My caller ID showed that the school had called, but there was no voice mail. Why?

The system is will ring a line up to six times. If your answering machine is set to pick up on seven or more rings, the message may not be delivered to your machine. Therefore, we encourage you to set your machine to six rings or fewer. Another possibility is that there is a break or a substantial silence in your machine’s outgoing message, causing the Connect 5 message to play prior to the machine actually recording. Please make sure that the greeting is seamless to facilitate successful message delivery.

Why doesn't the school’s name and/or phone number appear on the caller ID?

Connect 5 passes the caller ID information to the local telephone carriers, but it is up to those carriers to pass it along to their customers. Furthermore, different local telephone companies process caller ID information differently. Some provide the name associated with the number, while others do not. For example, a telephone company may require an individual to subscribe to “Advanced Caller ID” in order to receive the school name along with the phone number. Unfortunately, we have no control over this feature.

Will the system call phone numbers with extensions?

The Connect 5 system is capable of dialing extensions, but we cannot guarantee the success of such a call. First of all, strict rules must be followed when entering the number in the Connect 5 system. It must be formatted as ten digits, a space, a lower case x, then the extension number. Secondly, if the phone system on the recipient’s end requires menu navigation (such as, “Press 1 if you know your party’s extension”) Connect 5 will not be able to deliver the call.


I have a telemarketer screening device or service. How will that affect the call?

Devices such as TeleZapper and services from the phone company such as Privacy Manager or Privacy Director are specifically designed to prevent “unknown” calls from progressing to the customer’s phone. Unless the district has chosen otherwise, emergency calls launched through Connect 5 display 411-000-0000 on the caller ID, which is a non-standard, “unknown” number, triggering most privacy manager services. Connect 5 software is designed to distinguish between a live answer and an answering machine, not to navigate though privacy management services. Parents can contact their phone company and request that 411-000-000 be added to their list of allowed callers.


Can Connect 5 deliver SMS messages (text messages)?

Text messages can be delivered. Text messaging will be delivered on a “opt” in basis.


Can Connect 5 deliver messages via E-mail?

Yes, E-mail messages can be delivered, if e-mail addresses have been provided to the building in which the student attends as a part of the enrollment form and entered into the Student Information System.

Connect 5 and Facebook

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