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The Faculty, Administration, and Board of Education of Harrisburg School District #6, attest that this institution exists for the benefit of its students.

We believe that all students should be provided the best education regardless of race, sex, socioeconomic background, or past academic status.

We affirm that all students have the ability to attain a well-rounded education, and encourage each student to strive to reach their fullest academic potential. It is our belief that the school climate should be conducive to learning and the above tenets.

We believe that an education should consist of a diverse curriculum preparing students to lead healthy and productive lives. 

Congratulations to Harrisburg Middle School - State Recognition for being one of the School in the State for Beating the Odds.

Dear Principal Armstrong and Superintendent Sample,


Congratulations! Harrisburg Middle has been recognized by the Office for Education Policy(OEP) at the University of Arkansas as a school where students are “Beating the Odds”!   Students at your school demonstrated high growth on the ACT Aspire even though your school serves a high-poverty population!  As you may know, the OEP creates an annual report entitled the Outstanding Educational Performance Awards, and this year we are recognizing schools with high student growth.  We think growth is the best indicator of the positive impact that your school is having on students.

In our report being released Wednesday, June 13, Harrisburg Middle received the following award:

Beating the Odds! High Math Growth: Middle Level (Northeast Region)

We provide specific content-area badges for placement on your school’s website (attached), and a personalized paper award will be sent to the district later this summer.

Beating the Odds Awards are given to schools serving a population where at least 66% of the students participate in the Free/ Reduced Lunch Program, and are based on the 2017 content growth score calculated by the Arkansas Department of Education. These growth scores reflect how much students at the school improved from 2016 compared to how much they were expected to grow considering prior achievement. We are awarding awards based on Overall growth, as well as for growth in Math and English Language Arts separately. To learn more about how we determined the OEP award winners and to see the full list of award recipients, you can view the report here.

We congratulate you on this accomplishment and hope that you will share this good news with teachers, students, and others who contributed to your school’s success.

For updates and insights, follow our blog at www.officeforedpolicy.com, and to be added to our weekly updates and roundup of education news, send an email to oep@uark.edu with the subject line “Sign me up!”

Congratulations again on your OEP Beating the Odds award!




Gary W. Ritter, Ph.D., Faculty Director

Sarah McKenzie, Ph.D., Executive Director


Office for Education Policy

211 Graduate Education Building

Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: (479) 575-3773

For Immediate Release

September 24, 2018

Contact:     Dr. Kieth Williams and Mr. Mitch Walton
McPherson & Jacobson



Harrisburg, Arkansas  - The consultants of McPherson & Jacobson L.L.C, have completed Phases I & II of the superintendent search process. These phases included work with the school board and with the community to identify criteria for a new superintendent in the Harrisburg School District. The top criteria, as determined by the Board are:

 The Harrisburg School District Board of Directors is seeking a Superintendent of Schools:

·         Who has demonstrated successful educational leadership and has Arkansas District-Level Administrator licensure.

·         Who has proven administrative experience and is knowledgeable regarding the management of district budgetary and Arkansas school finance, school plant/construction, human resources and school law.

·         Who is a forward-thinking, visionary leader and will lead in the development of curriculum that will adequately prepare all students for college and future careers.  Who will lead the challenge to improve academic performance and achievement.

·         Who is able to effectively communicate goals and expectations with the staff and constituents of the district, as well as be open-minded and listen to their ideas and concerns.  An individual who is a problem-solver, decisive, and will delegate appropriate responsibilities to school administrators, faculty, and staff.

·         Who possesses high moral standards and integrity.  An individual who will be visible in the schools and desires to be engaged in the communities served by the district.



The superintendent’s position will be advertised on the websites of the Arkansas School Boards Association, Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators, and the McPherson & Jacobson website including Facebook and Twitter.

 On October 8, Dr. Kieth Williams and Mr. mitch Walton will meet with the Board of Education to review the stakeholder input summary, begin writing interview questions, and discuss the logistics of the interview process.

 The deadline for submitting application materials is October 25. After that date, the consultants will begin reviewing the completed files and evaluating the candidates against the established criteria. The consultants will be conducting extensive background checks on the candidates.


On November 12, the consultants will meet with the Board of Education to review candidates and assist the Board as it selects final candidates to be interviewed.


After the superintendent has been hired, Dr. Kieth Williams will facilitate a Board/Superintendent workshop to assist in the establishment of performance objectives for the new superintendent.


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Julie Price - 
Federal Programs/ Homeless Liaison (McKinney Vento)
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