Board Minutes 2017-2018

Meeting01 _July_10_2017.pdf
Meeting04_Sept 11, 2017 minutes.pdf
Meeting05_Sept 29, 2017 special minutes.pdf
Meeting06_Oct 9th 2017.pdf
Meeting07_Oct 24th, 2017.pdf
Meeting09_Nov 13,2017 Annual Report to the Public.pdf
Meeting08_Nov13, 2017.pdf
Meeting10_Nov 29th 2017 special.pdf
Meeting11_Dec 11th, 2017.pdf
Meeting12_Jan 8th, 2018.pdf
Meeting13_Feb 12th, 2018 minutes.pdf
Meeting09_March 12, 2018.pdf
Meeting15_April 9th, 2018.pdf
Meeting16_April 18th, 2019 Special Meeting.pdf
Meeting17_May8th, 2018 Special Meeting.pdf
Meeting18_May 14th, 2018.pdf
Meeting19_June 11th 2018.pdf
Meeting20_June 25 2018 (EOY).pdf