Home Access Center

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The web address for the Home Access Center is listed below:


If you used the system last year, your username and password should not have changed.

Usernames and password will be sent home to you by a handout given to your child. If a guardian did not receive his or her username and password, please contact your student’s school. If you have your user information, and are still unable to log in contact the central office at 870-578-2416, or email me at dworley@hbgsd.org.

Please remember that your log-on and password is case-sensitive!

~ To log in to Home Access Center go to the following URL:


* Select Harrisburg School District and enter your username and password.

~What browsers are compatible with Home Access?

Compatible Browsers

    • Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11 (not in compatibility view)
    • Firefox - current release plus 4 prior versions
    • Safari 5.1.7
    • Chrome - current release plus 4 prior versions

~How do I get a username and password?

If a guardian did not receive or does not know his or her username and password, please contact your student’s school.

Usernames and password will be sent home via your child. If you fail to receive your user name contact the building secretary.

~How do I get help to reset my password?

Once a user successfully logs in, users can reset their password on the log in page. If a user can not log in with the password provided, please contact the Administration Building at 870-578-2416 or email me at: dworley@hbgsd.org

~What should I do if I see that my contact information is wrong?

The guardian's email address can be edited directly on the "Registration" page. You can view your email address and phone numbers by clicking the "Edit Information" link at the bottom of the "Registration" page. The guardian can edit his or her email address if it is incorrect. Additional email addresses, phone numbers, or the home address can be corrected by contacting your school and asking them to update the information.

If you have multiple students in the district and do not see them all in the My Students section, please notify your student’s school.

~What if I'm having trouble accessing the system?

If you have any other issues with the system, contact the Harrisburg School District Administration Building Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm at 870-578-2416 or email dworley@hbgsd.org.

~ Daily Summary

Includes a summary of the students schedule, discipline, attendance and classwork.

~ Attendance

Provides information about student attendance. Attendance is color coded for easy identification. To view a specific day - hover or click on the date.

~ Discipline

Click on this link for discipline information

~ Classwork

You can view current class averages and assignment grades from this link.

~ Interim Progress

Click on this link for 5 week progress reports

~ Report Card

Click on this link for 9 week and semester report card information.

~ Registration

Allows user to view registration information and make corrections to contact information. User should contact the building level personnel to correct registration information other than contact information.

~ Profile

Manages password information and challenge questions.