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Flex Fridays

Posted Date: 10/26/2020

Flex Fridays

Introducing FLEX Fridays:
The Harrisburg School District will be implementing three “Flex Fridays” for our onsite students on November 6th, 20th, and December 11th. Those students who are already remote learning or Harrisburg Virtual Academy will not change, but on-site students will learn remotely on those three days. No K-12 grade students will attend on campus on these three days.

The Harrisburg School District understands the challenges our teachers have faced. This virtual learning day will be beneficial for students and teachers by allowing teachers time to prepare, plan, and subsequently provide quality instruction for every student. All children will be offered the option of taking home meals on the Thursdays before FLEX Fridays. The flexible schedule will allow our custodial team needed time to deep clean areas without students in attendance.

*November 23-24 are Remote Student Days already on the calendar. No K-12 students will attend campus on these days. More information will be coming soon regarding the plans for the three "Flex Fridays" and two remote student days for each campus.

Nov. 6th and 20th Flex Friday
Nov. 23-24 Remote days
Dec. 11th Flex Friday
*No students K-12 on campus these days